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I emailed demonstration videos and other education resources to Shawna Hanson, Outreach Coordinator at the University of Montana Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, in Missoula, Montana. After she shared my strategies with her colleagues, we tentatively scheduled a demonstration date on June 10th or June 17th. I told Ms. Hanson that I will follow up with her in January 2020 to schedule an exact date and time. Please follow the “Latest News” to get the latest information about this demonstration.

I am giong to demonstrate my teaching strategies with Dr. Stephanie Hulon, Director of the University of South Alabama Regional Inservice Center, in Mobile, AL on Friday, October 11th at 3:00. This will be the fourth educational inservice center that I have demonstrated my strategies at in the last two weeks. I am very excited about the positive response that I have received from administrators and teachers from many different parts of Alabama!

After sharing my manipulatives and teaching strategies with Dr. Dwight Jinright, Director of the University of Montevallo Regional In-Service Education Center, on October 4th in Pelham, AL, he invited me to do workshops with teachers and administrators this summer. Follow the “Latest News” for exact dates and times when they become available.

After sharing my manipulatives and strategies with several regional in-service directors and their colleagues in Alabama and receiving their feedback during the week of September 28th- October 4th, I submitted a “Proposal to Present” form for the 2019 Learning Forward Alabama Conference in Birmingham on November 21st. Follow “Latest News” to see the date and time of my session when it becomes available.

I am going to meet with Dr. Holly Morgan, Director of the University of Alabama Regional Education Inservice Center, in Tuscaloosa, AL on October 4th at 2:30. I appreciate Dr. Morgan’s willingness to see my teaching strategies!

I reached out to Dr. Dwight Jinright, Director of the University of Montevallo Regional Inservice Education Center. I am going to share my math strategies with him at 10:30 at his regional inservice education center on Friday, October 4th, at 10:30 in Pelham, AL.

Based on the need for new math strategies and the feedback from attendees at Central Alabama Regional Insevice Center Conference on September 28th, Dr. Evelyn Hodge, Director, has invited me to do summer workshops at her regional center next summer. Follow “Latest News” for dates and times of staff development when they become available.

Angel Perez, Project Director at the New Jersey Center for Deaf-blindness, and I had to change our virtual demonstration to October 8th and 10:30. I looking forward to the opportunity to share!

I have accepted an invitation by Dr. Jacqueline Asberry, Assistant Director of the Central Alabama Regional Education Inservice Center, in Montgomery, AL on September 28th. Dr. Asberry, stated that I will have two demonstrations at her conference for the teachers and administrators in her region. The exact session times will be given in the near future. Please follow the “Latest News” for exact times when they become available.

After I sent information regarding my low vision and braille manipulatives to Angel Perez, Project Director of the New New Jersey Consortium on Deafblindess, we scheduled a virtual demonstration on September 17th at 3:15. I am looking forward to this exciting opportunity!

I am currently scheduling in- person and virtual demonstrations and trainings during the 2019-20 school year. I hope to hear from you soon so that I can help your students!