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During my fall break (October 1-5), I was given the opportunity to meet many Georgia administrators and teachers in Athens,Tallapoosa, Hamilton, Franklin, and Columbus. Some of the math demonstrations were scheduled, and some were unannounced because I was in the area. As we all know, some of the best things in life happen when we least expect them. Thanks for your time and interest!

I am going to share my teaching strategies with Suzanne Korngold, Director of Special Education, on October 3rd at 10:30. I appreciate her time and willingness to find new teaching strategies for the students in her school district.

Sara Tabb, Coordinator of Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Services at Northeast Georgia RESA, has invited me to do a demonstration for the teachers in her area at Cleveland Road Elementary in Bogart, GA, which is just outside of Athens, GA. See you there!

I reached out to Holly Mauney, Director of School Improvement, at Pioneer RESA. After Ms. Mauney reviewed the information that I emailed her, she invited me to share my math strategies with her colleagues on September 19th. The beginning time is going to be either 2:00 or 2:30. Stay tuned for the exact time when I will begin to share my teaching strategies.

This demonstration will be after my demonstration at Oconee County Schools, SC. I anticipate a busy day, but there are going to be two worthwhile opportunities for me to hopefully help a lot of students.

I am going to do a demonstration for administrators at Oconee County Schools, SC. I have had the opportunity at several South Carolina locations over the past six months. My plan is to help as many South Carolina students in math this year and beyond!

I would like to thank Megan Cote for sharing my Council for Exceptional Children and Canadian Deafblind Association Intervention articles with state deaf-blind project Family Engagement Coordinators around the United States. Because my district started the 2018-19 school year on July 30th, it would have been hard to personally contact all of Ms. Cote’s colleagues.

I have been in contact with Ken McCullock, Past President of the Northern Rockies AER. Mr. McCullock offered to set up an exhibit table for the conference this fall. Due to the distance from Rome, GA to Bozeman, MT and needing to serve my students at Elm Street Elementary, I am very appreciate of his time and willingness to share my VI teaching strategies with his colleagues!

I want to thank Michael Norman, Coordinator of the Louisiana Deafblind Project, for allowing me to set up an exhibit table at the 2018 Connections Conference on September 14-15. If you are going to be at the conference, be sure to check out the information and 24″ VI Money Manipulative that I am going to share! Because I am going to be teaching at Elm Street Elementary, I will not be able to attend the conference. Maybe next year!

After my demonstration with Rhonda Thompson, Director of Older Blind and Children Services, and her colleagues in Greenville, SC on July 24th, she asked me to do a follow up demonstration on November 1st.

November 1st is going to be a great day to share my teaching strategies in North and South Carolina. At 8:30, I am going to do a session at the 2018 North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference. When the demonstration is over, I am going revisit the South Carolina Commission for the Blind in Greenville at 2:30.

My goal is to eventually help many regular education students as well as VI students on November 1st. That is what my manipulatives are all about- helping ALL students!

After meeting with Dr. Marie Underwood, Northeast Georgia RESA’s Director of Shared Services, on July 23rd, she asked me to do another demonstration with the TVI in the Northeastern region of Georgia on July 27th 12:00. I hope to see you there!