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I have been invited to do a session at the Georgia Parents of Blind Children’s summer workshop on June 24th by Haley Alli, President of the Georgia Parents of Blind Children. Please follow the “Latest News” to see the exact date, location, and time.

I contacted Dr. Sandra Lewis, Coordinator and Professor of the Visual Disabilities Program at Florida State University, during my school district’s snow day. Dr. Lewis offered to share my strategies with her colleagues that teach students how to modify math and science materials. Thanks for your help!

I shared some articles and my teaching strategies with Roz Kia, an administrator at the Comprehensive Service center in Hawaii. Ms. Kia offered to put my strategies on their website within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your help!

I have accepted an invitation from Dr. Kathy Jaqua, President-Elect of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics, to do a session at their upcoming conference. The conference is going to be in Black Mountain, NC. This is going to be a great way to my share teaching strategies as well as learn some new ones from North Carolina math teachers.

Please check the “Latest News” for information regarding my session’s time and location.

Christi Fricks, NCTM Representative for SCCTM, promptly responded to an inquiry regarding the possibility of me doing a session at their annual conference. Ms. Fricks informed me that she would let me know when the proposal forms to do sessions their 2019 SCCTM Conference are available. Stay Tuned!

Allen Hogie, SDCTM President sent me an email today and said that the article about my fractions’ strategies will be published in the Spring SDCTM 2019 Newsletter. The article will be posted on my website once it is available.

It was exciting to return to the Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative Central/ South Regional Center on January 3rd in Lafayette, LA because I had done a demonstration at this LATI AT Center about three years ago. I met with Tammy Dupre’ Assistive Technology Coordinator, and discussed the possibility of doing another demonstration for the colleagues her region.

Check the “Latest News” for information regarding demonstrations in Louisiana and other parts of the United States in 2019.

I have been corresponding with Allen Hogie, President of the South Dakota Teachers of Mathematics. I have accepted the opportunity to share my teaching strategies for fractions in the upcoming SDCTM newsletter.

I met with Tracy Pittman, Director of Special Education in Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools. NC at 2:45. It was great meeting Ms. Pittman and sharing my teaching strategies with her. Ms. Pittman is going to distribute my information with her colleagues. Assuming her colleagues also see the benefits of my math manipulatives, we have tentatively scheduled trainings on November 19th or 20th. Please note that we are in the early stages in scheduling a training. Be sure to follow the “Latest News” for updated information.

I am going to share my teaching strategies with Paul Eklund, Assistive Technology Specialists at the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program in Winston Salem, on November 2nd at 1:30. I appreciate his willingness to take some time to see some new math strategies.

It is going to be an exciting day on November 2nd! I will be doing a session at the 2018 NCCTM Conference at 8:30 and then another demonstration at NCATP in Winston-Salem at 1:30. I scheduling math demonstration that afternoon. Feel free to call or send an email if you have some time!