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I emailed my CEC article and Easter Seals Indianapolis to Pam Chapin, Program Director of Junior Blind Kids of America. After reviewing the information I sent her, she offered to share my information with teachers, colleagues, and other who might be interested. I really appreciate her willingness to help, especially since the 2017-18 school year started for teachers on July 24th.

I just saw that my proposal to present at the 2017 Georgia Vision Educators Statewide Conference on Friday, October 20th was accepted!

I accepted the information to do 3- 20 minute table talk sessions at the 2018 Learning Disabilities Association Conference in Atlanta this February. See you there!

I received notification from Traci Lipple of the Planning Committee for Learning Disabilities of America. Ms. Lipple informed me that my proposal to present at LDA’s 2018 International Conference in Atlanta, GA on February 21, 2018 at 4:00-5:00. I have a few minor questions about the conference. Please follow my “Latest News’ for updated information.

I received a phone call from Mindy Cox, Office and Data Manager, at the Parent Information Center of Delaware. She stated that she was going to share my information with her colleagues and parents because they are always looking of new ways to help students. I hope my strategies positively impact many of Delaware’s students!