My family and I went to Rockford, IL for a family reunion during the week of July 1-5. Because of the distance from Rome, GA to Rockford, IL, which is about 850 miles, I decided to bring some of my manipulatives, just in case some specialists would be available. On the morning of July 3rd, I lucked out!

I met with Diane Finn, Coordinator at the Northwest Illinois Association (NIA), in Rockford. We discussed how my strategies could impact the children and other specialists with mat during the 2017-18 school year. She also suggested that I attend the next Illinois AER Conference in Naperville. Please check my “Latest News” tab to see if I will be able to attend.

After I met with Ms. Finn, I went to the Center for Sight and Hearing in Rockford. Hina Altif, Assistive Technology Specialist, was available for a demonstration. Like many other AT specialists, teachers, administrators, and parents, she saw how my strategies could positively impact the students she serves.

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