I received confirmation from Dr. Marg Csapo, Editor of the International Association of Special Education Journal, that I will have an article published. My article will focus on new differentiation of instruction and  fractions strategies.  Because math is everywhere, regardless of the country and the ethnicity, religion, and language of its students,  I am very appreciate of the opportunity to share my instructional strategies with educators and administrators in several different countries.

During the early stages of  the development of my math manipulatives, my first and immediate goals were to help my students with the Common Core at Elm Street Elementary.  In less than 2 1/2 years, my goals have expanded from helping students in Elm Street Elementary to parts of NW Georgia to many parts of the United States and Canada.  With the upcoming article, I am expanding my goals to providing visual aids for students in many pats of the world.  I will continue to pursue my goals as long as I continue to believe that there is at least one student in every classroom who would benefit from my manipulatives and teaching methods.


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