What a year! I want to thank the organizers of the 2013 MEGA Conference, 2013 Kentucky CEC Conference, 2014 Illinois Council of Children with Behavior Disorders Conference, and 2014 IDEAS Conference for the opportunities to present at their annual conferences. All of the conferences were filled with parents, teachers, and administrators who took their personal time and paid their own way to find effective new strategies to educate their students more efficiently and effectively. Some of them drove through blizzards in Northern Illinois, while some fought off the temptation of going to the sugary-white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

I also want to thank the assistive technology center directors and facilitators in Louisiana and Illinois for respecting my Rome City Schools calendar and penciling me in their calendars for demonstrations and also thank others who are using my manipulatives with their students. Everyone is so busy in education these days with paperwork, meetings with colleagues and parents, and the students. As we all know, the priority should be reversed to put the students back as the central focus of our mission to educate .

Editors of magazines and journals have allowed me the opportunity to reach students in places that I have never been or have seen on map. I appreciate their dedication to dig through stacks of article submissions and time to understand my vision, which is to help all students.

I would not be able to thank all of organizations and people if it was not for my wife Susan. I always tell her that she is the spokesmodel, but she is also my editor, web designer, co-pilot at conferences, and she keeps everything together at home when I am traveling to demonstrations and school districts. Thanks for help, advice, letting my “wheels turn” off and on during the day, and everything else in between. You are the best!

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