On June 3rd, I was en route to do my sessions at the 2015 IDEAS Conference. After about four hours driving, I was needing to stretch and take a short break from driving. Before I passed Bonaire Middle School in Bonaire, Georgia, I made a quick left turn and pulled into the school’s parking lot. I saw some cars, so thought I would check to see if an administrator and/ or teacher was present. I went into the main office and was greeted by Bonaire Middle School’s principal, Cynthia Randall.

It was apparent that she was busy wrapping up a successful 2014-15 school year. However, Ms. Randall was willing to put some important things on hold. I really appreciate administrators, like Ms. Randall and many others I have met around the United States, to take some time to find new ways to help their students master rigorous math standards.

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