During the morning of June 10th, I received a phone call from Anne Dardis, Coordinator of the Visually Impaired Program, in St. Tammany Parish Schools. She asked if I was in her area. I told her that I was in Covington, Louisiana and en route to my demonstrations at the LATAN in Baton Rouge and 2015 LATI Conference in Natchitoches, LA. Perfect timing! I was only about five minutes from her district’s central office.

I shared my teaching strategies with her. Ms. Dardis, like most parents, teachers and administrators, felt that my manipulatives would be beneficial for her VI students as well as for other students who are visual learners.

Based on her students’ needs for manipulatives in math, we are planning to do a 3 1/2 training in fall. For the exact date and time, please continue to follow my posts in the “Latest News” tab.

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