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I shared my math manipulatives with the Inclusive Schools Network’s educational consultants on June 12th.  I presented my manipulatives to them and explained how all students, including the deaf, visually impaired and blind, would benefit from using them.  At the end of our meeting, they offered me an opportunity to have my products featured in their August newsletter which will go out to 3,000-4,000 subscribers and help me “get the word out” about my math manipulatives.  Their offer is greatly appreciated.

My dream of a business trip to Park City, UT may actually come true! Ms. Julie Edwards, the immersion teacher at McTolin Elementary School, provided some fantastic student feedback  concerning my manipulatives. According to her, the students loved the colors and how easy they were to learn to use. They liked that the products gave them a visual way to help solve their math problems.

June 4th was a busy and productive day for Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives! I met with Ms. Lynette Johnson, Director of Special Services for Frederick County Public Schools, and she seemed impressed with the versatility of my manipulatives in helping the students solve a variety of math problems. She also thought the slide storage was a nice feature and requested a manipulative and information to share with her staff.

I had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Margaret Kursey, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for Berkeley County Schools in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on June 4th. I was encouraged by her enthusiasm as well as her positive feedback. I look forward to providing math manipulatives to help her students master our new CCGPS Standards.

Ms. Connie Rigby and I were able to coordinate a meeting on June 18th so that I can share my ideas and products with her. She is always looking for new and better ways to meet the academic needs of her students in Boaz, Alabama.

I had the opportunity to share my manipulatives and ideas with Dr. Ron Wells on June 6th.  Dr. Wells, a member of the PA Bureau of Special Education, liked the fact that I had the “follow-through” to not only create a concept to help my own students but also to manufacture my manipulatives to try to help other students. We are in the process of scheduling a follow-up meeting to give me the opportunity to present my ideas/manipulatives to his colleagues as well.