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As a result of my meeting with Maia Santamaria and Christina Holtzclaw, I have been invited  to share my math manipulatives at the Georgia Deaf/Blind Sensory Assistance Project Conference on October 6th in Cave Spring, Georgia. I am excited to meet with educators, consultants, and parents and have the opportunity to share my ideas.

I have a meeting scheduled for 9/27 with Ms. Maia Santamaria, the Executive Director of DisAbility Link, to demonstrate our Braille math manipulatives. The Braille/Low Vision  manipulatives were brought to her attention by Mr. Johnny McDonald, a Northwest Georgia sign language instructor.

I am currently in the process of creating and posting “How-To” videos for my math manipulatives. I now have two,  100x and Fractions 16ths, posted as links. More videos are on the way!

I received word on Friday that the Slide-A-Round Money Manipulative is the first Braille product to be completed. In the next few weeks, we are also anticipating a shipment of 100x, Elapsed Time, and Fractions (12ths & 16ths). Please check back for more Braille updates!

My math manipulatives are a feature article in the Inclusive Schools Network September newsletter. You can view the article online at .