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I have scheduled a demonstration with Beverely Holden Johns at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois on June 14th. I am eager to share my differentiation strategies and fractions manipulatives that can add or subtract whole numbers with different denominators without paper and pencil with her.

Ms. Johns also invited me to the 2013 Illinois Council of Exceptional Children Conference in Lisle, Illinois on November 7th-9th.  I will do my best to be there because I am sure it will be  a great conference!


I would like to Gayle Morrison at the Yarmouth  County Learning Network in Nova Scotia, Canada for purchasing some of my math manipulatives to help her students.  To make a long story short, when I first designed my manipulatives, my immediate goal was to help the students in my inclusion classroom. In just few months, they have spread from Rome, Georgia to Martinsburg West Virginia to Monroe County, Florida to Jean Massieu School for the Deaf in Salt Lake City, Utah and several other places in between.  Now, they are being used in Canada! I am very grateful for Ms. Morrison and all of the other teachers, administrators, and parents who are willing to use my manipulatives as a Plan A, Plan B,… or Plan Z to help provide a solid math foundation for their students.

I had a great discussion with Darryl Lum, AT Manager at the Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii. Mr. Lum offered to share my manipulatives with his colleagues. I really appreciate his support and dedication to provide alternatives to teach students with disabilities.

Dawn Adams, Vision Consultant for Region 8 in Texas, has invited me to demonstrate my manipulatives to her colleagues during the first week in October.  Ms. Adams first saw my manipulatives at the 2012 Texas Assistive Technology Conference in Houston and wanted others to see them firsthand.  I am also scheduling other follow-up demonstrations during that week in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I appreciate Carrie Bearden’s invitation to present at the Kentucky Council of Exceptional Children’s Conference in Louisville in November.  Within the last year, I have had the opportunity to personally share my ideas in several different states and talk to many educators across the country.  After a few details get worked out, this will be my first conference in Kentucky.  Based on the professionalism of American Printing House and several other educators with whom I have spoken on the phone and via email in Kentucky, I am sure this will be a great  learning experience for everyone!