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After my presentations at several assistive technology centers and Louisiana School for the Blind in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I am flying to Phoenix to share my ideas with Dr. Kim Rimbey, Director of the Arizona Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Co-founding Owner and Executive Director of Professional Development of KP Mathematics, LLC.  Dr. Rimbey and I have corresponded several times over the past year.  Fortunately, we are able to coordinate our schedules.  I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with her.

I am planning other demonstrations during my fall break in Arizona on October 2nd & 4th.  Feel free to call 706-506-8411 to schedule a demonstration while I am in Arizona.


I want to thank Bobby Simpson, Director of  the Louisiana School for Blind, for scheduling a demonstration for his teachers on October 1st at 2:00.  Mr. Simpson is also inviting the Louisiana School for the Deaf to attend.

Over a two day period, I am going to do trainings/ demonstrations in Bossier City, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria. If you are an educator in those cities or between them, feel free to contact me.  I will make every effort to demonstrate them to you. Just let me know!



My schedule over fall break will be quite busy…. but in a great way!  On September 30th, I have two demonstrations scheduled.  I have been invited by  Kristine Taylor, Assistive Technology Facilitator at the Louisiana Central Region Assistive Technology Center, to present to her colleagues in Region VI in Alexandria, LA at 10:00. Then, I will demonstrate at the NW LA Assistive Technology Center in Bossier City, LA at 3:15; Jodi Burr and Karrie Bennett, Assistive Technology Specialists, helped coordinate the scheduling of my demonstration for the manipulatives that they purchased for the teachers and administrators in their Region VII.  On October 1st, I am traveling to Lafayette, LA to demonstrate my manipulatives at the South Central Region Assistive Technology Center at 10:00 for Patty Lagron and her colleagues in Region IV.  I hope to see you at the demonstrations!