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I would like to to thank Kathryn Surbeck, Evaluation Center Director at the Illinois School for the Deaf, for scheduling a demonstration with her colleagues.  As we all know, statewide testing is just around the corner.  I hope that my visual aids will make learning the rigorous Common Core rounding standards more efficient and less stressful for ISD students.

February 14th is going to be a busy day for Slide-A-Round-Math Manipulatives. I have accepted an invitation from Danna Bouey, Southeastern Assistive Technology Coordinator,  to demonstrate to my manipulatives at the Southeastern Region Assistive Technology Center.  While, I am in Louisiana, my wife, Susan, is going to do a follow up demonstration for James Ekundayo, Birmingham City Schools Elementary Math Program Specialist, and his colleagues.  I am sure she will do a great job, just like how she did at Chattooga County Schools, Georgia.




I received confirmation from Diana Mumford, Editor of Canadian Teacher Magazine, that Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives will post an article in their magazine about my manipulatives in January.  This is exciting news! Due to time, distance, and teaching, it would be very difficult to meet Ms. Mumford’s colleagues in Canada.  I really appreciate her help! When the article is published, I will post it with the other articles on my website.