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I was invited by Sue Maloney, VI Specialist, at Beaufort County Schools in Hilton Head, SC to do a staff development session with her colleagues on February 15th. Unfortunately, all of my personal days have already been allocated for other district’s staff development and state conferences during the 2015-16 school year. Fortunately, my district’s spring break is March 28th- April 1st. Hopefully, we will be able to coordinate our schedules at that time.

Please continue to follow developments on my “Latest News” tab for updated information. Stay tuned!

I corresponded with Jonn Paris- Salb, Assistive Technology Consultant for the California Department of Education, about three years ago. Because so many positive developments regarding my teaching strategies in many parts of the United States have occurred since our last correspondence, I sent Mr. Paris-Salb my 2015 Summer Council for Exceptional Children’s article and Easter Seals Indianapolis demonstration video. Updated images and other relevant information were also sent for him to review. Mr. Paris-Salb offered to share my teaching strategies with his colleagues. Because I am still in the classroom and distance from Georgia to California, I am very appreciative of his time and help. It is definitely more than a day’s drive!

I was informed that my two morning 85 minute sessions during Rome City Schools in-service day on February 12th was approved by Debbie Downer, Chief Academic Officer of Rome City Schools, GA. It is going to be a great experience because I am going to share my teaching strategies with many of my colleagues from my district.

I want to thank Jennifer White, Floyd County Schools Academic Program Coordinator, and Michelle Clay, Instructor for Math Endorsement Course, for inviting me to do three 30 minute demonstrations to their K-1, 2-3, and 4-6 grade math teachers at their math workshop. During the rotations, I was able to interact and answer questions from teachers. I was very impressed with their in-depth questions regarding how my manipulatives can help their students.

I informed all of the teachers that I will also be doing two sessions at the 2016 EdCamp Rome on February 27th. I hope to see them and their colleagues!

Because inclement weather closed my school district, I had the opportunity to contact administrators about my teaching strategies and share recent articles about them. Kelly Birmingham, Program Manager at the South Carolina Interagency Deaf-Blind Project, offered to forwarded by information to the principals of Vision Outreach, The South Carolina School for the Blind, and her colleagues at her location. Dr. Wendy Parent- Johnson offered to share my information with her colleagues. I had a great discussion with Emily Taylor-Snell, Project Coordinator for the FAVI Deaf- Blind Collaboration. She mentioned that she knew Dana Tarter- the educator who coauthored a recent article with me in the Summer 2015 Council for Exceptional Children’s Visual Impairment and Deafblind Education Quarterly. What a small world!!!!

I also shared my information with the following Helen Keller Center regional representatives: Beth Jordan (Great Plains), Molly Sinanan (South Central), and Judy Knisely (North Central). I appreciated their time and willingness to listen.

I received an email from Jamie Hall, West Virginia IRC/ AEM Technical Specialist. Ms. Hall informed me that my manipulatives are currently on West Virginia’s list serve. Due to time and distance (plus snow and ice!), I believe that I am one step closer to being able to positively impact at least one more student’s life in West Virginia.

I was informed by Tom McFadden, National Executive Director of the Canadian Deafblind Association, that his professional organization’s Intervention magazine is about to be published. Once the link becomes available, he is going to send it to me. Keep an eye on your inbox to see my article as well as strategies that are being used in Canada!

I want to thank Samantha Murphy, Program and Community Relations Manager, at the Washington Assistive Technology Act Program for her time listening to highlights of my teaching strategies. She was willing to forward my information to her colleagues association with her program. Considering the distance from Georgia to Washington, Ms. Murphy was a huge help!

I am going to share my teaching strategies at 2016 EdCamp Rome in Rome, Georgia for the second consecutive year. The conference is sponsored by Rome City City Schools and Floyd County Schools. Last year educators from both districts as well as neighboring districts attended the conference.

The time for my sessions will TBD on February 27th. See you there!