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I am excited to share my teaching strategies with regular and special education teachers and administrators at 2016 Edcamp Rome on Saturday, February 27th at Coosa High School in Rome, GA. I am planning on doing one session with my number line to 10,000,000 and another one with my elapsed time, weight, capacity, money, decimals, and fractions manipulatives. See you at Edcamp Rome!

I corresponded with Shelley Law, Coordinator/ Consultant at the Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada regarding the progress of my low vision and braille teaching strategies. Ms. Law offered to share my information with the programs in her program. Thanks for your help!

I want to thank Kristie Stapler and Sharon Edwards, Assistive Technology Specialists at South River AT Center, in Gonzales, LA for posting my Easter Seals Indianapolis video and information on their website. South River Assistive Technology Center and the other Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative Centers continue to disseminate innovative methods and assistive technology, including my differentiation of instruction strategies, for ALL students. Keep up the great work!

I was sharing the news of my Deafblind International article on Facebook via email with Dr. Lynn Ayer, Director of the Oregon Deafblind Project. During our correspondence, she mentioned that she put my information on Facebook in January. What a pleasant surprise!

I checked to see what was Dr. Ayer posted. I found my Easter Seals Indianapolis video and 2015 Summer issue of the Council for Exceptional Children Visual Impairment and Deafblind Education Quarterly Journal article posted on January 26th. Thanks for your help spreading the word!

I really appreciate Deafblind International for posting my article on their Facebook page on February 11th. Since it was posted. I have received very positive feedback, and I am that much closer to helping people all over the world!

I have been corresponding with Dr. Holly Lawson, Coordinator of the Visually Impaired Licensure (VIL) Program, at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Lawson has invited me to share my teaching strategies with her teacher candidates from many parts of the Pacific Northwest during one of her summer classes. Her teacher candidates are going to be active participants in my demonstration because they are going to solve math problems with my low vision and braille manipulatives. I am looking forward to having an informative session and answering many in-depth questions- all the way from Georgia!