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I received notification from Tamara Bishop-Amavilah, Arizona AER President, that AZ AER is now accepting presentation proposals for their 2017 Spring Conference on March 31st at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind in Tucson, AZ. I informed her that I have a pending training for teachers and administrators at Beaumont ISD in Beaumont, TX during the week of March 27-31. I am very excited about both opportunities to share my teaching strategies in Arizona and Texas. I wish I could do both!

Please check “Latest News” for the finalization of my plans once I hear from Beaumont ISD.

The Texas Assistive Technology Network is having their 2017 TATN Conference on June 13-14 at the Region 4 Education Service Center in Houston, TX. In June 2012, my wife and I made it a point to attend their conference. We loaded up the Honda Odyssey with some manipulatives and headed to Houston for our first conference. We were so impressed with the enthusiasm of the attendees as well as all of the amazing assistive technology devices on display. We had to make some time in out schedules to attend this year. See you there!

I have been invited to share my teaching strategies by Dr. Sandra Ware, Principal at the Helen Keller School, in Talladega, Alabama on March 27th at 9:30. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet her teachers!

I have been invited to do a session at the 2017 Summer Louisiana Assistive Technology Conference on July 11-12 by Jodi Burr, Assistive Technology Specialist at the NW Louisiana Assistive Technology Center. Ms. Burr informed me that additional information will be forwarded to me once it becomes available. I really enjoyed the attendees at my session at their 2015 LATI Conference. I am excited about the opportunity this summer!

Due to the recent snow storm in Georgia, I have had the opportunity to contact educators, administrators, and specialists in many parts of the US. I really appreciate those who are willing to share my teaching strategies with their colleagues. Even if I was not iced -in, I would not be able to travel to Bossier City, LA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Tallahassee, FL and many other places in one day. Thanks for your help! Being ice-in can still benefit our students!

I am excited about the publication of an article discussing my math manipulatives in the FLAEYC Florida Focus Newsletter for January 2017. The article is on pgs. 6-7. Here’s the link if you are interested in reading it.