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I corresponded with Jenny Wheeler, Desert Valley Regional Cooperative, about a possible demonstration when I am in Arizona during the week of March 26-30. She informed me that the 2018 Arizona AER Spring Conference will be in Phoenix on April 6th, and their 2018 Fall Arizona AER Conference will be on November 1-2. I had great time last year and met a lot of enthusiastic educators, but I cannot attend their conferences this year because I am still in the classroom. Maybe next year unless my schedule changes!

I want to take a quick minute to thank the specialists and teachers who attended my sessions in Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC on February 7th. We had a great turnout, despite the rain! I hope to do a follow up session in Columbia the summer. Tammy Wallace, Program Coordinator at the SC AT Center, and I are trying to coordinate our schedules. Stay tuned!

Deana Bohannon, Parent to Parent of Georgia Regional Coordinator, has invited me to do a demonstration at the Senior Center on HWY 293 in Rome, GA on Saturday, February 17th for her monthly meeting for PAC (Parents of Autistic Children) monthly meeting. This will be my second demonstration with Ms. Bohannon. I hope to see you there!