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Before my session at the 2018 International Learning Disabilities Conference in Atlanta on February 23rd, I met an educator, Elizabeth Bourne, from Illinois during breakfast. We began to talk about the conference, and I mentioned to her that I was going to do a session that afternoon about my number line to 10,000,000 and other math manipulatives. She became very interested in my new math strategies.

Ms. Bourne and I discussed the opportunity for me to do a morning and afternoon session in her school district during the third week in June. Please follow “Latest News’ for updated information!

I would like to thank Jill Ischinger, Director of the South Carolina Instructional Resource Center, for sharing my training at the South Carolina Assistive Technology Program on May 31st at 9:30 with her state-wide colleagues on the SC’s list serve. With her help, I am excited to meet her colleagues and share my teaching strategies!

I have been invited back to the South Carolina Assistive Technology Program in Columbia Program to do another training on May 31st at 9:30 to do my second training; I did a training on February 7, 2018. Please contact Tammy Wallace, Program Coordinator at the South Carolina Assistive Technology Program, to register.

I have accepted an invitation to participate in the Center for Visually Impaired’s STEM Showcase in Atlanta on June 7th at 9:30. My three 30 minute sessions are going to be different that my other sessions. I am going to motivate students to be creative and hopefully take the next step in the design process to create something amazing! I am going to share my experiences when I created my math manipulatives. See you there!

I was notified today by Carson Cochran, Program Manager of the Georgia Instructional Materials Center for the Georgia Department of Education, that my proposal to present at the 2018 Institute Designed for Educating All Students (IDEAS) Conference on June 6th at 8:00-9:00 was accepted. This will be my third session for the IDEAS Conferences. The conference is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Tools for Life, and Georgia Council for Exceptional Children. I encourage you to attend to see how my teaching strategies have positively impacted students in math. I will have all of my manipulatives, including low vision and braille manipulatives, for attendees to use.

I met with Diane Shifflett, Lead Teacher for the Visually Impaired, and her colleagues at Tucson Unified School District on March 28th at 3:00. I really appreciated her efforts to arrange the demonstration, especially during this busy time of year. I told Ms. Shifflett that I am currently planning demonstrations in Arizona during the summer and first week of October.

Please follow the “Latest News” for upcoming demonstrations. I hope to return to Arizona ASAP!