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I am going to share my teaching strategies with Paul Eklund, Assistive Technology Specialists at the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program in Winston Salem, on November 2nd at 1:30. I appreciate his willingness to take some time to see some new math strategies.

It is going to be an exciting day on November 2nd! I will be doing a session at the 2018 NCCTM Conference at 8:30 and then another demonstration at NCATP in Winston-Salem at 1:30. I scheduling math demonstration that afternoon. Feel free to call or send an email if you have some time!

During my fall break (October 1-5), I was given the opportunity to meet many Georgia administrators and teachers in Athens,Tallapoosa, Hamilton, Franklin, and Columbus. Some of the math demonstrations were scheduled, and some were unannounced because I was in the area. As we all know, some of the best things in life happen when we least expect them. Thanks for your time and interest!