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After my session at the 2019 SCCTM Conference in Greenville, SC, I am going to demonstrate my teaching strategies with Marty McKenzie, Principal, Vision Outreach Services and South Carolina Statewide Vision Consultant, and his staff at their meeting at 1:30 in Columbia, SC. I am excited about the opportunity to meet Mr. McKenzie and his staff because we have corresponded several times over last 2-3 years, but we have never been able to be available at the same time and date.

I want to thank Kathy Richards, University of Cincinnati System Development and Improvement Center, for being willing to share my teaching strategies with her colleagues!

I contacted Kristi Probst, Initiative Lead, Intervener, Qualified Personnel and Assessment, Planning, and Instruction at the National Center of Deaf-Blindness/ Helen Keller National Center, about my CEC and CDBA Intervention articles about a deafblind teacher teaching math life skills in a high school resource room. After she reviewed the information and articles about my teaching strategies that I emailed her, she informed me that she would be willing to share with her colleagues when appropriate.

Thanks for your help!

Tashia Twyman, director of Comunication and Public Engagement in Rome City Schools, informed me that an article regarding the interview I did with her staff will be published on June 20th. I appreciate Ms. Twyman and her staffs’ time sharing my story about how my strategies were created. The article is going be publish in the Rome News Tribune and through social media outlets.

Bev Sharritt, Blind/Low Vision and Issues Concerning AEM and AT in Indiana Specialist for Promoting Assistive Technology and Instruction for All Students, heard about my teaching strategies and manipulatives from her colleagues after they saw my skyped demonstration on May 1st. As a result, we skyped a demonstration on May 31st at 3:30. I enjoyed hearing the enthusiasm about my strategies from Bev and her colleagues!

I talked to Chantai Snellgrove, Editor of Parenting Special Needs Magazine, about publishing an article in her magazine. I told her about Dana Tarter, a deafblind teacher how teaches in Georgia. Ms. Tartar uses my math manipulatives to teach life skills math to her students. Because Ms. Tartar is a role model to her colleagues and students, Ms. Snellgrove is going to publish an article about her. I am looking forward to reading the article about a teacher making a difference!