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I contacted Trisha Miles, Instructional Coordinator at the Idaho Special Education, Support, and Technical Assistance (SESTA) Center on Disabilities and Human Development, offered to share my demonstration videos and information with her colleagues. Due to time and distance, I really appreciate her help! If I could help at least one student learn his math standards in Idaho due to our correspondence, that definitely would be worth our time!

I contacted Susan Weddle, Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System Technology Specialists, regarding the possibility of doing a free demonstration in Pensacola, FL September 30th- October 4th. I emailed Ms. Weddle some information, and she is going to share it with her colleagues. Be sure to contact Ms. Weddle, so that she can save you a seat!

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I contacted Lisa Craig, Hawaii State Resource Teacher for the Visually Impaired, about my low vision and braille math manipulatives. Ms. Craig informed me that she is going to share my strategies with the teachers for the visually impaired in the districts in Hawaii. Thanks for your Help!