Archive for December, 2019

I reached to Dr. Carrie Bearden of the Council of Exceptional Children because I wanted to update her about the progress of my teaching strategies since my demonstration at the 2013 Kentucky CEC Conference. I sent her some demonstration videos as well as the resources that I gave participants at the 2019 South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference on November 15th and 2019 Learning Forward Alabama Conference on November 21st. Dr. Bearden invited me to her 2020 Kentucky CEC Conference in Louisville in November. Because of the positive feedback that I received at the 2013 Kentucky CEC Conference, I told her that I would like to attend.

Please follow the “Latest News” for the exact date and time of my session when it becomes available.

Dr. Evelyn Hodge, Director of the Central Alabama Regional Education In-Service Center at Alabama State University, has invited me to do a session this summer at the Central Alabama Regional Education In-Service Center’s Summer Math Boot Camp on June 16, 2020 in Montgomery, AL. Because I met many of her colleagues and educators in her region at her conference on September 28th, this will be a great opportunity to demonstrate more advanced uses of my math manipulatives. See you at the Summer Boot Camp!

I appreciate Shawna Hanson, Outreach Coordinator at MonTECH, in Missoula, MT, for inviting me to share my teaching strategies with her and her colleagues on June 24, 2020 at 10:00. This will be an exciting day because this will be my first demonstration in Montana. Hopefully not my last! See you in June 2020!

Dr. Dwight Jinright, Director of the University of Montevallo Regional In-Service Education Center, invited me to do two sessions at his center in Birmingham, AL. The first session, 8:30-11:30, will be for regular education and special education teachers. The second session will be for teachers of the visually impaired at 12:30- 3:30. I am looking forward to helping many teachers with their students who are having difficulty learn their math standards.

I have been invited to do a session at the 2020 Mississippi Effective Teacher Conference in Jackson, MS on June 15th. When Kelli Olive, Coordinator of Professional Development/ Instructor of Lifelong Learning at Jackson State University contacted me, I was very appreciative of the opportunity! See you in Jackson this summer!

I am going to do a virtual demonstration on Tuesday, December 17th at 3:30 with Dr. Angel Perez, Director of the New Jersey Center for Deaf-blindness. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my VI math strategies with her!

November was a very busy and exciting time for Slide-A-Round! I met several teachers and administrators at the 2019 South Carolina Council of Teaches of Mathematics Conference on November 15th and at the 2019 Learning Forward Alabama Conference on November 21st. After both of my sessions, teachers were very interested in sharing my strategies and manipulatives with their colleagues. Based on the interest that I received, I plan on helping students and teachers in South Carolina.

I have tentatively scheduled demonstrations at several regional inservice centers in Alabama this summer at the University of North Alabama, Alabama State University, University of Alabama- Birmingham, and University of Montevallo. Check back with the “Latest News” for dates and times of these upcoming demonstrations during the summer of 2020!