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I was very impressed by Aanya Rispoli, Lead Specialist for Professional Learning and Sustainability, for responding to my correspondence on a Sunday. After she reviewed my demonstration videos and information, she offered to share my strategies with the Arizona DOE math specialists. Because my manipulatives are available for checkout at the Arizona Assistive Technology Access Program (AzTAP), I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my math strategies with many students in Arizona.

I appreciated the prompt response from Macie Buckle, Education Program Consultant at the Louisiana Department of Education. Ms. Buckle offered to share my demonstration videos and strategies with her math and special education colleagues. Because my manipulatives are available for checkout at 7/7 Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative Assistive Technology Centers, I am looking forward to helping additional students learn math in Louisiana!

About eight years ago, I met with Cindy Leannah, Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources System. When I met with her, I only had my paper prototypes. Considering how my math manipulatives were in the very early stages of development, I really appreciated her time. I contacted her and sent her some demonstration videos and updated information about my math strategies. Then, Ms. Leannah forwarded my information to her colleagues. I hope to visit her area this summer and/ or during the 2020-21 school year!

I corresponded with Dr. Karin Fisher, GA CEC Vice President, regarding the possibility of sharing my math strategies at her GA CEC Conference in Statesboro, GA on April 4th. By following her recommendation, I submitted a proposal to present. Follow “Latest News” for updated information regarding the confirmation of me sharing my math strategies at the conference.