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The organizers reached out to me to present at the NW Georgia STEAM Forum on June 8th in Cartersville, GA on June 8th. Please follow the “Latest News” for additional information about the conference.

I received confirmation from Richard Torres, Blind and or Visually Impaired, Deafblind, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Manager/Consultant at Region 19 ESC in El Paso, TX, that he and some of his colleages will be able to attend a demonstration at the ESC on June 15th at 8:00. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet Mr. Torres and his team and answer any of the questions they might have!

I am looking forward to sharing the STEAM projects at the 2023 STEAM EXPO on June 14th in San Angelo, TX that I designed and completed with my students at Elm Street Elementary in Rome, GA. Some of the projects include hover disc, glow-in-the-dark indoor miniature golf course, solar city, and many others! Feel free to contact me or Mandy Smentana, Region 15 ESC Education Specialist, for additional information bout my session. Please follow the “Latest News” to see when my session is scheduled.

I just accepted an innvitation to present my strategies at a three- hour workshop at 8:30-11:30 for TVI at the Region 14 Education Service Center in Abilene, TX. I would like to thank Brenda Lee, Education Specialists for Sensory Impairments at Region 14 ESC, for giving me the opportunity to share! Feel free to contact Ms. Lee or me for additional information.

I am scheduling face- to-face trainings in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arizona this June and July. Feel free to contact me to schedule a training!

I received confirmation from James Lee, Math Specialist at Crowley’s Ridge Education Cooperative in Harrisburg, AR, that my workshop will be on June 12th. Contact Mr. Lee to register!

I am looking forward to my virtual meeting with the Helen Keller National Center’s regional directors David Volper (AL, FL, GA, MS, and VI),¬† ¬†Marilyn Trader (KY, NC, PR, SC, TN), and Natasha Aymami (AR, LA, NM, OK, and TX), and on February 7th at 10:00 EST.¬† If anyone else is interested in join the virtual demonstration, just let me know!

I am going to be driving to Green Valley, AZ from Rome. I already have tentative demonstrations scheduled at Crowley’s Ridge Cooperative in Harrisburg, AR on June 11-2, Region 15 ESC in San Angelo, TX on June 14th, and Region 19 ESC in El Paso, TX on June 15-16.

Please follow the “Latest News” for the exact date and time of my demonstrations. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in scheduling a demonstration or need additional information regarding my three tentative demonstrations in Arkansas and Texas.


I was invited by James Lee, Math Specialist at Crowley’s Ridge Education Cooperative, to do three- hour workshop in Harrisburg, AR. I had a great time meeting his colleagues last year when I did a workshop in June 2022.

Follow the “Latest News” for the exact date and time. See you this summer!


The 2022 California Mathematics Council Conference on December 3rd was everything that I had hoped it would be! Even though it was pouring down rain, I had a great session and room full of dedicated math teachers. I plan on returning next year because of the enthusiasm that I saw and heard in the room. I hope to see everyone in about a year!