I have accepted an invitation from Dr. Amanda Lannan, President of the Kentucky AER, to present at her statewide conference on March 15th. I excited about the opportunity to share my instructional strategies at the conference!

My 2024 South Carolina Council of Exceptional Children Conference “Proposal to Present” was accepted. My conference session will be on March 2nd in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am looking forward to the conference! Follow the “Latest News” for the exact time of my session. See you then!

I have scheduled a STEAM session with Dr. Tracy Keener, Professor at the University of West Alabama, and her colleagues on March 18th. Please follow the “Latest News” for the exact time.

I appreciate Sue Sullivan, Math Teacher at the Perkins School for the Blind, organizing a demonstration with her colleagues to see my instructional strategies first- hand when I am in Boston on April 9th.  I hope that this will be one of many more!

Scheduling demonstrations in 2024 is really starting to pick up!

On January 4th, I have a virtual demonstration scheduled with Dr. Amanda Lannan, University of Kentucky Visual Impairment Program. I am looking forward to meeting Dr. Lannan and hope to provide additional resources for her to share with her colleagues and teachers that she helps support.

Summer 2024 workshops are already being scheduled!

Here are my upcoming sessions in June/ July 2024 workshops:

June 3rd: Crowley’s Ridge Education Cooperative in Harrisburg, AR

June 4th: Arkansas Accessible Education Materials Center in Little Rock, AR

June 5th: Arkansas School for the Blind in Little Rock, AR

June 6th: South Central Service Cooperative in Camden, AR

June 10th: Region 9 Education Service Center in Wichita Falls, TX

June 11th: Region 14 Education Service Center in Abilene, TX

June 12th: Region 15 Education Service Center STEM Conference and math workshop in San Angelo, TX. Follow the “Latest News” for the when the time becomes available.

July 15th: Region 16 Education Service Center in Amarillo, TX

July 17th Region 15 Education Service Center in San Angelo, TX

July 19th: Louisiana Accessible Education Materials Center in Baton Rouge, LA

July 23rd: Alabama State University Regional Education Center in Montgomery, AL

July 24th: Region 17 Education Service Center in Lubbock, TX (Virtual)

We currently awaiting for confirmation from other education service centers in Texas and Alabama! Follow the “Latest News” for updated information!




I enjoyed sharing my math strategies and STEM projects with so many enthusiastic teachers at the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired and Louisiana School for Deaf on September 1st. As a result, the training flew by! After the training, I encouraged the staff to contact me if they have any questions.

I have accepted invitations to do three-hour workshops at Texas Education Service Centers.  On June 5th, I will be presenting at Region 10 ESC in Richardson, TX; Alecia Davidson is your contact. On June 6th, I will be presenting at Region 11k ESC in White Settlement, TX; Alexa Poynor is your contact.

Follow the “Latest News” because I have several other Texas ESC workshops and a STEM conference session pending.


I am looking forward to presenting at the 2023 Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference on November 2nd, 2023 Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference on November 11th, 2023 Kentucky CEC Conference on November 19th, and 2023 California Mathematics Council Conference on December 2nd. Feel free to contact me or conference organizers for additional information!

I enjoyed meeting many math teachers at the 2023 Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference in Sandusky, OH, on October 13th. During my session, I appreciated their willingness to participate and learn new math and STEM strategies. I hope to present at the 2024 OCTM Conference in Columbus, OH!