After my demonstration at the Auburn University Regional Inservice Center on June 8th t 8:30- 11:30, I will leave for my two sessions at the 2021 Making Connections Conference in Gulfport, MS. However, on my way to the conference, I will meet with Shawaungela Bolden, Special Services Specialist in Butler County Schools, at 2:30. I appreciate her willingness to see some new math ideas!

The NCTM 2022 Indianapolis Regional Conference & Exposition Program Committee accepted my proposal, “Number Line to 10,000,000 and Other Math Manipulatives!” The NCTM Indianapolis Regional Conference will be Wednesday, March 16 – Friday, March 18, 2022. Follow the “Latest News” for information regarding the exact date and time!

I am looking forward to my workshops in Alabama in June. Because my manipulatives are used by low vision and blind students, I contacted the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind in Talladega, AL. After reviewing the information that I sent them via email, they were willing to forward my summer workshop schedule to the TVI in the state. Feel free to call 706-506-8411 or send me an email if you have any questions or need additional information.

In June, I have been invited to do six three- hour workshops at several regional inservice education centers in Alabama. Here are the following dates:
June 7th: University of Alabama- Birmingham
June 8th: Auburn
June 10th: Jacksonville State University (AM and PM)
June 11th: University of Montevallo
June 15th: Alabama State University

See you in a couple of weeks!

I am scheduled to do two sessions at the 2021 Making Connections Conference in Gulfport, MS on June 9th. My session times are 12:30- 1:15 and 2:15- 3:00. I am looking forward to the opportunities! See you in about two weeks!

I am looking forward to sharing my strategies virtually at the 2021 Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference! My session is from 11:15-12:15. Due to time constraints and distance, this will be a great opportunity to share my math strategies.

I just found out that my proposal was accepted to present at the 2021 Making Connections Conference on June 9th at 12:30-1:45. I am looking forward to sharing my strategies at Mississippi’s state-wide conference!

My 2021 CARS Conference session times are 3:00 PST on March 19th and 1:15 PST on March 20th. I hope to see you during one of my sessions!

I enjoyed sharing my strategies with special education directors at the Delta Area Association for the Improvement of Schools. I would like to thank Dr. Eddie Anderson, Director, for the opportunity and the positive feedback that I received from his colleagues!

There are so many exciting things happening for Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives. They are the following:

Upcoming Slide-A-Round Math Session Times EST:

Saturday, March 13th  12:00- 1:00     Rhode Island CTM Conference

                                      6:00- 7:20     California Math Council Conference

Friday, March 19th       6:00- 7:30       California Association of Sp. Ed. Teachers’ Conference

Saturday, March 20th   Exhibitor      California Association of Sp. Ed. Teachers Conference

Saturday, April 17th      TBD                Minnesota CTM Conference

Monday, June 7th          10:00- 1:00     University of AL- Birmingham Inservice Center

Tuesday, June 8th          10:00- 1:00     Auburn Inservice Center

Thursday, June 10th      10:00- 1:00     Jacksonville State University Inservice Center

                                        2:00- 5:00     Jacksonville State University Inservice Center

Friday, June 11th          10:00-1:00      University of Montevallo, AL Inservice Center

Friday, June 15th          10:00-1:00       AL State University Inservice Center

                                         2:00-5:00      Alabama State University

Tuesday, June 22nd       TBD               Region 5 Texas Math Conference in Beaumont, TX

Sessions Pending:

Ontario, Canada CEC Conference Fall 2021

Pennsylvania CEC Fall 2021

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England Conference on December 3-4, 2021