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I appreciate V. Tisha Hawkins, Region 18 ESC Education Consultant, for helping schedule a demonstration with Michelle Urias on July 12th at 1:00 in Midland, TX. I am also very appreciative of Ms. Urias taking the time to meet with me during the summer. This summer has been very exciting in Texas this summer. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my instructional strategies with her!

I enjoyed meeting and then sharing my STEM and math strategies with Michael Montoya, Assistant Superintendent of Operations and High Schools, and Steve Rodriguez, Executive Director of Special Education, at Las Cruces Public Schools. After evaluating the information and strategies that I shared with them on June 15th, they are going to share them with their school district’s administrators. I hope to provide instructional support for their teachers to help their students during the 2023-24 school year.

I appreciated the opportunities to share my math and STEM strategies at Crowley’s Ridge Education Cooperative in Harrisburg, AR on June 12th, Region 14 ESC in Abilene, TX on June 13th, Region 15 ESC in San Angelo, TX on June 14thm and Region 19 ESC in El Paso on June 15th. Based on the feedback that I received from administrators, teachers, and specialists, I am already planning on scheduling demonstrations at their ESC in June 2024. Please follow the “Latest News” for when they will be scheduled.

Before my STEAM session at the education service center in San Angelo, TX, I am going to share my instructional strategies with Connie Neal, Program Director of Special Programs at Region 15 ESC, and her colleagues at 9:30 on July 14th. It is going to be a huge day: math in the morning and STEAM in the afternoon. I hope to see you at one of my sessions!

Jen Conti, Data & Outreach Specialist at the PATINS Project, informed me that Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives will be featured in May 2024 on the PATINS Project social media outlets. The PATINS Project is going to post a demonstration video and information about my instructional strategies for the entire month. I am looking forward the opportunity to help many students across the state of Indiana!

It is important to note that the PATINS Project has some of my math manipulatives available in their lending library.

I just receive the news! Brenda Moss, NW Georgia RESA Math and Science Specialist, just informed me that I will be doing a session at the NW Georgia RESA STEAM Forum in Cartersville, GA on June 7th at 3:40. I will be discussing how my students designed and built a hover disc and indoor glow- in- the- dark miniature golf course. I hope to see you during my session!

I accepted an invitation from Tammy Wallace, Program Coordinator at the South Carolina Assistive Technology Program, on September 7th at 10:00. This will be my third demonstration for the SC AT Program. I am looking forward to sharing the progress of my instructional strategies since my last demonstration! Feel free to contact Ms. Wallace or me for additional information.

The organizers reached out to me to present at the NW Georgia STEAM Forum on June 8th in Cartersville, GA on June 8th. Please follow the “Latest News” for additional information about the conference.

I received confirmation from Richard Torres, Blind and or Visually Impaired, Deafblind, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Manager/Consultant at Region 19 ESC in El Paso, TX, that he and some of his colleages will be able to attend a demonstration at the ESC on June 15th at 8:00. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet Mr. Torres and his team and answer any of the questions they might have!

I am looking forward to sharing the STEAM projects at the 2023 STEAM EXPO on June 14th in San Angelo, TX that I designed and completed with my students at Elm Street Elementary in Rome, GA. Some of the projects include hover disc, glow-in-the-dark indoor miniature golf course, solar city, and many others! Feel free to contact me or Mandy Smentana, Region 15 ESC Education Specialist, for additional information bout my session. Please follow the “Latest News” to see when my session is scheduled.