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I enjoyed meeting David Jackson, PATINS Project, in Indianapolis on October 11th. My demonstration video was filmed by a professional film crew. The video will be on the PATINS Project’s website in May 2024.

I have accepted an opportunity to participate in a summer camp with VI students at Region 19 ESC in El Paso, TX in El Paso, TX in June 2024, The tentative dates are June 17-18. Richard Torres, Blind/ VI, Deafblind, DHH Program Manager, will notify me when details become available. Stay tuned!

I have accepted an invitation by Robin King, Director of the Louisiana Accessible Materials Center in Baton Rouge, LA, to do a three- hour workshop on July 19th at 8:30- 11:30. Please contact Ms. King to attend!

I appreciate Dr. Micsha Woodall,  Director of Special Education for the McComb Public Schools, MS, for taking the time to meet with me at 8:30 on September 1st.  I encouraged her to invite her colleagues. Let’s fill the room!

I had a great time sharing my instructional strategies in Texas and Arkansas this summer. Based on the feedback that I received, I will be returning to Crowley’s Ridge Education Cooperative in Arkansas. I will also be returning to the Texas education service centers in Abilene, San Angelo, Midland, and Wichita Falls. I am waiting for final confirmation for several other education services. Follow the “Latest News” for the exact dates and times!

I am excite to participate at the the 57th Annual Kentucky Exceptional Children’s Conference that will be held on November 19, 20, and 21 in Louisville. This will be my third time presenting at the conference.  Please follow the “Latest News” to see the exact date and time of my session. I hope to see everyone at my session!

I am looking forward to demonstrating my instructional strategies in front of a professional film crew at the PATINS Project in Indianapolis on October 11th at 1;00. The video will be posted on the PATIN Projects website in May 2024!

Because of the feedback that I received from the LSVI staff and Susan Covington, Principal, after my demonstration on July 14th, I will be returning to Baton Rouge to conduct a training with my low vision and braille instructional strategies and STEM projects on September 1st at 12:30- 3:30.



I enjoyed the opportunity to share my instructional strategies at education service centers in Abilene, San Angelo, Midland, and El Paso. I am looking forward to helping many students in those parts of Texas. Because of the feedback I received, I plan to return to Texas next summer!

I will be returning to Pacific Grove, CA to do a session at the 2023 CMC Conference- North. I had great time meeting CA educators and administrators last year. Follow the “Latest News” to see the exact date and time of my session when it becomes available.