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I just found out Sherri Powell, Conference Coordinator, that my virtual session for the 2021 Digital Learning Solutions Conference in Houston, TX is 1:15- 2:30 CST. This is going to be a an amazing conference!

I corresponded with Barbara Gejer, Convention Coordinator of the California Association of Resource and Special Educators. I submitted a proposal to present, and it was accepted. The 2021 CARS Plus Convention will be virtual and occur on February 26-27. This will be my first California conference…. I am looking forward to it!

Please follow the “Latest News” for details regarding the time and date of my session!

I heard from LDA’s editor that my article will be published in Learning Disabilities Association of America in January 2021. The article will focus on my Elapsed Time and Money manipulatives. Be sure to check the website to read my latest article!

I followed up with Lorri Stricklen, Academic Coach at Chapman Elementary, in Huntsville, AL. We have tentatively scheduled a training in February. Please follow the “Latest News” for the date and time of the training.

I met Sonia Herrmann, teacher in Elim, AK, after my session at the 2020 NCTM Virtual Conference. In addition to her interest in using my math strategies with her students, we are going to schedule a virtual meeting with our classes. I am so excited, especially since she lives near the Artic Circle!

Here are my upcoming demonstrations in January/ February 2021:

  • January 12, 2021

2020 Digital Learning Virtual Conference in Houston, TX

Contact: Go to website to register

  • January 19th

North Mississippi Education Consortium

Contact: Susan Scott

  • January 26th

State-wide Demonstration for the Mississippi Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Contact: Toni Hollingsworth

  • February 1st

East Mississippi Center for Educational Development

Contact: Cythia Pouncey

I am awaiting for confirmation from many other schools and school districts. Follow the “Latest News” for updated information!

I am doing my second state-wide demonstration for the Mississippi Hearing and Vision Project on January 26, 2021. Please contact Toni Hollingsworth (, Director, to register!

November 13th from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. is going to be another exciting opportunity for Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives! I will be sharing my math manipulatives & teaching strategies at the 2020 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Virtual Conference. My pre-recorded session will be on NCTM’s website for one month after the conference if you miss it and want to watch later. Contact me if you need further information.

I talked to Dr. Eddie Anderson, Director of Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools, in Cleveland, MS this afternoon. He is interested in joining the meeting with his colleagues at the Eastern Mississippi Center for Education Development in Meridian, MS on October 20th at 3:00 CT.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to share!

Due to scheduling conflicts, I have a virtual demonstration scheduled with Cinifia Pouncey, PD Coordinator, at the East MS Center for Education Development in Meridian, MS on October 20th. The original meeting date was on )ct0ber 7th.

Based on the feedback that I received from her RESA colleagues, I am optimistic that I will be doing staff development at her education service center.