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I have a meeting scheduled in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday, June 8th with Ms. Hester Sutton. I am also in the process of scheduling meetings with several schools systems in Virginia and Pennsylvania and will update soon!  As a follow-up, my meeting with Ms. Sutton  and Ms. Todorow of the Brandywine School District was quite productive. They are planning to share my manipulatives with their teachers, and I look forward to working with their school system. 

We are looking forward to sharing our manipulatives at the Texas Assistive Technology Network Statewide Conference in Houston on June 12-14.  We have had such a positive response in the Southeast and are excited about the opportunity to “branch out” into other areas of the United States. Texas, here we come!!!!  I want to take a minute to update everyone on our successful trip to Houston.  Due to the tremendous response I received during my meetings in WV, PA, DE, VA, I made several stops along the way to Houston in Attalla, AL; Meridian, MS;  Shreveport, LA; Biloxi, MS; and Gulfport, MS. The responses I have received when educators actually see my products firsthand are OVERWHELMINGLY positive.

When I travelled to Birmingham City Schools during my spring break, Dr. David Patterson recommended that I contact Alabama’s Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) to discuss my manipulatives. I have scheduled a meeting on May 25th with Ms. Annie Spike, the CASE President-Elect in Guntersville to address the changing demographics and student needs in her system and the state.

I met with Mr. Pierce early on in the development process to share my ideas with him. I have scheduled a follow-up meeting for Monday, May 7th to show him the final products. When we met initially in October, he indicated that his goal is to possibly incorporate Slide-A-Rounds into his elementary math lab. If he liked the rough prototype in the fall, he will LOVE the final products now! The new gloss I added to the labels not only gives each manipulative a professional, shiny appearance, it also provides more durability with student use.