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I would like to thank Rae Bachus and Shelby Kennerly for their interest in my math manipulatives.  We discussed how all students can benefit from them because of their versatility.  Based on my responses to their questions and other information that I provided, they offered to share my contact information and ideas with their colleagues across the state.

On December 17th, I will meet with Deborah Pound, Coordinator of Exceptional Students Educational Programs, and her teachers at Allgood Elementary School.  Ms Pound attended my presentation at  the RESA workshop on November 29th. Based on the information and quality of my math manipulatives, she invited me to share with her teachers.

I would like to thank Sarah Sonnier, a VI teacher in Grand Junction, Colorado, for her referral to Jim Olson, Coordinator of the Colorado Instructional Math Center.  After Mr. Olson and I discussed  my low vision and braille math manipulatives, he offered to send my contact information to all of his VI colleages in the state as well as to Susan Osterhaus, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.