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I would like to thank Carrollton City Schools, Georgia for adding my website to their  ‘K-12 Mathematics Coach” page.   By posting my link to their website, teachers and administrators will have access to my complimentary downloadable handouts for their students and the latest news about my manipulatives.  Parents will also be able to see alternative strategies to help their children with homework, especially if they do not have  iPads or computers.  Fall extra curricular activities are in full-swing. Fortunately, Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives are easy for students to transport and provide assistance to them as they do homework  in between dance classes at the dance studio and in the car before soccer practice.  Obviously, most teachers and parents would agree that completing  math homework in the car is not the best environment for students to do homework.  Being a parent of four children who are involved in several activities, I know time is hard to find; sometimes we must do the best we can with the time that is available.

This week I sent in my prototypes for my hybrid games of Sorry! and Bingo to my manufacturer.  The purpose for the all of the games is to make learning fun!  Common Core Standards are addressed in all of the games as important social skills elements.  I hope to have them available for our students in 1-2 months. Stay tune for more updates!

I accepted the invitation from Elaine Thagard, Education Program Specialist, Vision Impairment, at the Georgia Department of Education.  This will be a great opportunity to share my APH-recommended math manipulatives with Georgia’s vision specialists in Macon, Georgia. With the rigor of Common Core Standards and the importance of the GA CRCT, my manipulatives will provide an innovative and effective way for VI students to learn in all academic settings.