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I appreciate the help I received from Carol Thomas, Principal at Centralhatchee Elementary School in Franklin, GA, for providing an opportunity to share my teaching strategies. With Georgia’s high- stakes testing this month, I know that her time is very valuable. Hopefully, I can provide some last- minute resources to help her students learn their rigorous math standards before they are administered the Georgia Milestones Assessment.

I had two sessions at the 2015 EdCamp Rome Conference in Rome, Georgia. Educators from Floyd County Schools, Rome City Schools, and other regional school districts had many opportunities to make important connections with people and obtain innovative ideas for the students in their classrooms. Saturday was definitely a very productive day!

I would like to take a minute to thank Colleen Lines, Director of the Ogden Resource Center, Washington State School for the Blind, for reviewing and then posting my information on Washington’s list serv. Her willingness to post my information is very helpful, especially due to the distance from Washington to Georgia. If our correspondence can help at least one student in Washington, it will definitely be worth it!

I appreciate the opportunity to share my math manipulatives with Dr. Diana Gregory, Interim Chair of the Inclusive Education Department, Kennesaw State University at 10:00 on April 3. Because Kennesaw State University is one of the leading universities for teacher training programs, I plan to share the differentiation of instruction strategies of my number line to 10,000,000 and other math manipulatives that address the standards of fractions, decimals, weight, capacity, elapsed time, and money. I will also share some of my low vision and braille math manipulatives. With the rigor of the Common Core, my goal in having this demonstration is to provide future teachers additional instructional strategies to meet the academic needs for ALL of their students.