I was invited by dr. Eddie Anderson, Director of the Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools in Cleveland, MS, to do a session at a regional conference in Cleveland, MS on June 23-24. This will be my second session at DAAIS, and I am looking forward to it. Follow the “Latest News” for details regarding the date and time of my session!

I talked to Toni Hollingworth, Mississippi Hearing- Vision Director, and my virtual session that was originally on March 8th has been changed to March 22nd. The time, which was 4:00 CST/ 5:00 EST, will remain the same.  I hope to see everyone!

Toni Hollingsworth, Director of the Mississippi Hearing- Vision Project, has invited me to share my math strategies with her colleagues at 4:00 CST/ 5:00 EST on March 8th. I am looking forward to the opportunity! Please follow the “Latest News” for the time and date of a more in-depth workshop with her colleagues this spring.

The New Jersey Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (NJAMTE) has requested permission to published my Inside Golf article after I include additional details about the STEM project. 
Also, Meghan McFerrin, STEM/ STEAM Program Specialist at the Georgia Department of Education, is going to share the Inside Golf article and then the NJAMTE article when it becomes available to GA teachers and administrators. 
Please follow  the “Latest News” and check the SAR homepage for article #2!

I want to thank James Lee, Crowley’s Ridge Math Specialist in Harrisburg, AR, for the invitation to do a three- hour workshop at is Ed. Coop. I am going to share my innovative math strategies and exciting STEM projects that I have recently completed with my students.

I just received notification that my proposal to present at the 2022 Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics  on July 13-15 in San Antonio, TX was accepted! I am looking forward to my face-to-face session at the statewide conference.  Please follow the “Latest News” to see the date and time of my session when it becomes available.

I was just informed that my session at North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference Session on February 22nd is 5:30-6:15. This will be my second NCCTM Conference. My 2019 session was face-to-face, and this year’s session will be virtual. See you then!

I have accepted an invitation to share my low vision and braille math manipulatives at the PATINS Project on March 17th in Indianapolis. Follow the “Latest News” for the time of my demonstration. Bev Sharritt, PATINS Specialist in the areas of Blind/ Low Vision, Assistive Technology in the IEP, Assistive Technology Team Development, is your contact to register when registration becomes available.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback I have received from people all over the United States regarding my indoor miniature golf course STEM project that I designed with my students. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the project.

My students and I built an indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course at our school. They had to use math, apply problem solving skills, and collaborate. It was a fun and very beneficial activity for them. Here’s a recent article in Inside Golf newspaper about our STEM project.