I am looking forward to sharing my strategies virtually at the 2021 Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference! My session is from 11:15-12:15. Due to time constraints and distance, this will be a great opportunity to share my math strategies.

I just found out that my proposal was accepted to present at the 2021 Making Connections Conference on June 9th at 12:30-1:45. I am looking forward to sharing my strategies at Mississippi’s state-wide conference!

My 2021 CARS Conference session times are 3:00 PST on March 19th and 1:15 PST on March 20th. I hope to see you during one of my sessions!

I enjoyed sharing my strategies with special education directors at the Delta Area Association for the Improvement of Schools. I would like to thank Dr. Eddie Anderson, Director, for the opportunity and the positive feedback that I received from his colleagues!

There are so many exciting things happening for Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives. They are the following:

Upcoming Slide-A-Round Math Session Times EST:

Saturday, March 13th  12:00- 1:00     Rhode Island CTM Conference

                                      6:00- 7:20     California Math Council Conference

Friday, March 19th       6:00- 7:30       California Association of Sp. Ed. Teachers’ Conference

Saturday, March 20th   Exhibitor      California Association of Sp. Ed. Teachers Conference

Saturday, April 17th      TBD                Minnesota CTM Conference

Monday, June 7th          10:00- 1:00     University of AL- Birmingham Inservice Center

Tuesday, June 8th          10:00- 1:00     Auburn Inservice Center

Thursday, June 10th      10:00- 1:00     Jacksonville State University Inservice Center

                                        2:00- 5:00     Jacksonville State University Inservice Center

Friday, June 11th          10:00-1:00      University of Montevallo, AL Inservice Center

Friday, June 15th          10:00-1:00       AL State University Inservice Center

                                         2:00-5:00      Alabama State University

Tuesday, June 22nd       TBD               Region 5 Texas Math Conference in Beaumont, TX

Sessions Pending:

Ontario, Canada CEC Conference Fall 2021

Pennsylvania CEC Fall 2021

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England Conference on December 3-4, 2021

I enjoyed sharing my demonstrations at many of Alabama’s regional education inservice centers last summer. I have just scheduled three- hour workshops with the directors at the following Alabama Regional Inservice Centers in June 2021:

June 8th Auburn University, Auburn AL (9:00-12:00 CST)

June 10th Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL (9:00-12:00 CST)

June 11th University of Montevallo, Birmingham, AL (9:00- 12:00 CST)

June 15th Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL (9:00- 12:00 and 1:00-4:00 CST)

I am currently waiting to hear from other Alabama regional inservice centers. Follow the “Latest News” for updated information.

I just found out from the Planning Committee of the MCTM that my proposal to do a live virtual session on April 17th was approved! I am looking forward to my first Minnesota demonstration. Follow the “Latest News” for the time of my session!

Shawna Hanson, Outreach Coordinator for MonTECH and for the Montana Family Health Information Center, offered to share my Learning Disability Association of America Journal article on Facebook. Thanks for your time and help sharing a story about an amazing teacher! The article is posted on the website for your convenience.

I will be hosting a “Table Talk” session at the 2021 Association of Rhode Mathematics Teachers Association Conference on March 13th at 12:15- 1:00 EST. See you then!

My strategies were just added to the Colorado Department of Education listserv! Check them out!