Jim’s personal leave time for this school year has ended, so I volunteered to deliver a presentation, my FIRST, to a fantastic group of educators from Chattooga County Schools this morning at Summerville Elementary School. They were meeting to discuss their system’s implementation of our new CCGPS standards in math and language arts. I enjoyed talking with them and not only showing them our math manipulatives, but also hearing how we are all working to address ways to help our students transition from GPS to CCGPS. I had such a good time talking with them that I almost forgot to show them the Slide-A-Round teachers’ aids!!! After I left, I remembered that I didn’t talk about the handout of standardized test questions that are addressed with the products OR that Jim is going to design a series of student practice handouts this summer after we get back from a conference in Houston on assistive technology. (These complimentary practice handouts will be posted online for teachers to download as needed during their lessons.) All in all, I have learned that I love to talk with fellow teachers, and I need to make sure I have an index card with a list of the information I want to include! HA!  Thanks to Anna Nichols and Michelle Helie for letting the “Slide-A-Round Substitute” come in and also for being such a great group for my first presentation. :) Susan

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