I had a great week meeting teachers and administrators in many parts of Mississippi during the last two weeks.

On October 5th, I met face-to-face with Dr. Jimmy Weeks, Director, and Susan Scott, Coordinator, North MS Education Consortium in Oxford, MS. Ms. Scott offered me an opportunity to do a virtual workshop with her teachers and administrators in January 2020. Please follow the “Latest News” for the date and time when it becomes available.

On October 6th, I demonstrated my math strategies with Dr. Jack McAlpin, Director, and Dr. Irene Dearman, Curriculum Director, at the Southern Regional Education Service Agency in Hattiesburg, MS. I was offered an opportunity to do five- hour staff development workshop for the teachers and administrators in their region.

I met virtually with Kelli Olive, PD Coordinator, Southwest Education Consortium in Jackson, MS on September 29th. Ms. Olive informed me that she was interested in scheduling staff development at her education service center for the teachers and administrators in her region.

I have a virtual demonstration scheduled with Cinifia Pouncey, PD Coordinator, at the East MS Center for Education Development in Meridian, MS on October 20th. Based on the feedback that I received from her RESA colleagues, I am optimistic that I will be doing staff development at her education service center.

In addition to my RESA demonstrations, I met with Keonna Howard, Director of Special Education, at Hattiesburg Public Schools, and Cheryl Martin, Director of Special Education, at Meridian Public Schools. During my time traveling in Mississippi, I briefly met with teachers and school administrators in many other locations due to their district’s COVID-19 safety procedures. I am looking forward to hearing the feedback that their teachers and other administrators give them after they review the information that I gave them.

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